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Welcome to Compare Sat Nav! We check the prices of satellite navigation systems from the top online retailers every single day to make sure you get the best deal at the cheapest possible prices.

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We are sat nav experts and check all the latest models of sat nav system from manufacturers such as TomTom, Garmin, Binatone, Navigon, Snooper and Mio Navman. We also check prices at online retailers as well as high-street names including Amazon, Argos, Co-op, Currys, eBuyer, Halfords, John Lewis, PC World, Tesco and more so you can be sure of best sat nav deals possible. We last updated our sat nav price comparison tables today, Sunday 26th June 2016, to ensure the most accurate sat nav deals and offers.

Specialist Sat Nav Systems

We have also grouped sat nav systems by their key market so if you are looking for a replacement sat nav system for your car, a truck sat nav system (sat nav system designed specifically for truck drivers, bus drivers and caravan owners) or even a motorbike sat nav system compact enough for motorcycles then you'll find a huge selection here.

The Best TomTom Sat Nav Deals - June 2016

TomTom are arguably the most famous sat nav system manufacturer and are often the most popular choice. Their easy-to-use systems are packed with functionality but are displayed in a no-nonsense way. Their maps are very accurate and their routing technology is very accurate. Some TomTom satellite navigation systems feature IQ Routes, for intelligent and responsive re-routing on the go, and others feature Live services to keep you up-to-date when you are out and about.